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I'm in a different country, is it possible for me to play VERSUS : REALM WAR?
VERSUS : REALM WAR is a Global Game than can you play in any country you are in. However, the server you are in may change upto/depending on the standard IP of your location upon connecting to the game. VERSUS : REALM WAR is a global game so you can play the game anywhere regardless of the country. ex) VERSUS : REALM WAR will be automatically connected to Asia server if you enter the game in South Korea
How I can use Coupon? (iOS)
◈ How to Use Coupon with iOS devices 1. Visit . 2. Type your PID(8 numbers) and Coupon code at the site. 3. Press OK button to get its reward. ◈ How to check PID 1. Click Profile on the upper-left screen. 2. Check your PID (8 numbers) . ◈ Note ※ You can check Coupon at Message. ※ You can use Coupon only once. ※ Please check PID once again if you type the right PID as yours. ※ The coupon reward will be offered within 1h
How can I use 'Thanks' Coupon
◈ How to use coupons 1. AOS Users : 2. iOS Users: ◈ Cupon Reward : - Speed Up (24H) x1, Speed Up(3D) x1, Speed Up(7D) x1 ◈ Notes: 1. You can use Coupon only once per account 2. You can use Coupon until 2020.05.31 (UTC+0)  3. After using Coupon, the reward will directly send into your Bag or Message. 4. For iOS users, the coupon reward will be o
How do I contact the Customer Support Center in-game?
You can check the FAQ page or the Customer Support Center in the game. Kindly check the steps below.   ◈ How to contact Customer Support Center 1. Select [Settings] in the upper right corner of the game 2. Select [Game Info] tab 3. Select [Contact]   However, if you wish to send an inquiry with a screensh
How can I recover my lost account?
Our team did not reset your account without any announcement or special reason.   You may misunderstand your account reset by changing devices or account information. If you want to change the device to play the game, Please try to log-in with your link account(Google/Game Center/Facebook).   We are not providing any account recovery policy. So, make sure that your ac